2024 Texas State Tax Deadlines

If you are a resident or have been involved in significant business operations within Texas, then you might be curious about Texas State Taxes. However, Texas does not impose a state income tax on individuals. Thus, residents and those conducting significant business operations in Texas are not required to file an individual state income tax return.

Texas Business Tax Deadline Section

Texas Franchise Tax Deadlines for 2024

All Entities Subject to the Franchise Tax

You must file and pay the Texas Franchise Tax by May 15, 2025.

  • File Online with the Texas Comptroller eSystems.
  • File by Mail must be postmarked by the due date.

Applicable Forms:

  • Form 05-102 – Texas Public Information Report
  • Form 05-158 – Texas Franchise Tax Report

Extension to File Taxes in Texas for 2024

You must send payment for taxes in Texas for the fiscal year 2024 by May 15, 2025.

The Extension Deadline is November 15, 2025 to file your Texas Individual Income tax return.

Texas may grant a 6 months extension if an entity cannot file its annual report by the original due date. The extension request must be made by using Webfile or File Form 05-164 and must be postmarked on or before May 15, 2025. 

This is an extension to FILE, not an extension to PAY – the payment is still due by May 15, 2025.

Texas Individual Tax Deadlines for 2024

Individual Tax Deadline for Texas 2024

The State of Texas currently does not have an Individual Income Tax.

Estate Tax Deadline for Texas for 2024

Texas Estate Tax filings are not required.


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