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Turn your workspace into a tax-saving opportunity. Whether it's a dedicated room or a corner desk, if you use it for business, it might qualify for deductions.
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Estimate your tax savings

Home office deductions can lead to significant tax savings over time. Input a few details and see how much you might save over the course of a year.
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Three ways to calculate & maximize deductions



Utilize every aspect of your home office for maximum deductions.



A straightforward method for those wanting a hassle-free approach.



Suited for the individual with an external office, handling administrative tasks from their home office.

Track all your home and office expenses to maximize savings

Keep tabs on every cent you spend. From utilities to the coffee you sip while working - it all adds up. Document everything and let the deductions roll in.
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AI-powered accountable plan generation helps you substantiate the deduction and reimbursement

Harness the power of AI to effortlessly generate an accountable plan, ensuring that your home office deductions and reimbursements are in perfect alignment with tax requirements.
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Support for multiple homes and multiple home offices

Running businesses from multiple homes? With multiple home offices? No problem. Our platform is tailored to support and calculate deductions for more than one home office space.
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File your return with confidence

With all your home office deductions in order and documented, you're set to file your returns. Rest easy knowing you've maximized your deductions and are fully compliant.
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