Trust at Instead

At Instead, we understand that trust is built on a foundation of robust security, unwavering privacy, and steadfast compliance. That’s why we’ve integrated these principles into every layer of our platform.

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Security at our core

Safeguarding your data with SOC 2 certification

Our commitment to security is reflected in our SOC 2 certification — an attestation to our high standards in protecting your data and ensuring the integrity of our service.

In-depth insights with our security whitepaper

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the security measures and protocols in place with our Corvee Tax Planning product.

Uncompromising privacy

Your data, treated with the utmost confidentiality
We are committed to protecting your personal and business information, adhering to stringent privacy policies and procedures.
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Access management, tailored for you

Manage access seamlessly within our platform, ensuring that sensitive information is shared responsibly


Assign roles and permissions to control team access.


Regulate access to financials at the entity level for precise oversight.

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Firms (for Pros)

Allow firms to manage their staff’s access to client workspaces.

Client (for Pros)

Provide clients with access to their own data, maintaining transparency and control.

Compliance, covered

Meeting and exceeding industry standards
We stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our platform meets global, regional, and industry-specific compliance standards, so you can rest assured that your tax planning adheres to all regulations.