Late S Corporation election

Seamlessly transition your business entity status to S Corporation, even after the deadline.

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Maximize savings with a Late S Corporation election

If you've missed the initial deadline for S Corporation election, Instead is here to ensure your transition is not just possible but also profitable.
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Detailed eligibility assessment

We meticulously verify that your business meets all criteria, from shareholder limits to stock classifications, ensuring eligibility for S Corporation status.
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Determine which years to claim S election

Instead assists in determining the most advantageous tax year selection, optimizing your fiscal outcomes.
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Save with pass-through taxation

Get your profits and losses passed directly to shareholders, limit your employment taxes, and reduce your overall tax burden.
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Complete form 2553 for your S Corporation election

Transitioning to an S Corporation status involves filing the right paperwork. Instead helps ensure you submit everything to give you the best chance of being approved.
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File your return with confidence

With all your entity structure in order and documented, you're set to file your returns.
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