Meals deductions

Offset the costs of business meals with tax deductions. Provide meal incentives while saving on taxes.

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Maximize business meals deductions

Uncover potential savings by ensuring your everyday business meal expenses are accurately categorized.
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Categorize your business meals effortlessly by integrating your Quickbooks

If your meal is business-related, not lavish, and you or an employee is present, we help you track and account for it by integrating with your quickbooks account.
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Determine eligibility for entertainment-related meals

Instead's intelligent categorization discerns between deductible business meals and nondeductible entertainment expenses, ensuring you claim up to 50% on qualifying meals without a hitch.
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Seamlessly track and document your meals expenses

We meticulously classify meal expenses, supporting your claims with robust documentation.
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Claim meals expenses on returns with confidence

Whether you operate as a C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship, Instead is finely tuned to address the unique deduction opportunities and compliance requirements of each entity type.
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