2024 Tennessee State Tax Deadlines

If you are a resident or have been involved in significant business operations within Tennessee, you may need to be aware of certain tax obligations. Here, we explore the key deadlines and extensions for filing and paying these taxes in Tennessee for 2024.

Tennessee Business Tax Deadlines for 2024

Franchise & Excise Taxes

Tennessee Franchise & Excise Tax Deadlines for 2024:

Businesses in Tennessee are subject to Franchise and Excise taxes, which have different deadlines based on the business’s fiscal year end.

You must file & pay Corporate Income Taxes in Tennessee by April 15, 2025.

File Online with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Applicable form:

Form FAE170 – Franchise & Excise Tax Return.

Extension to File Taxes in Tennessee for 2024

You must send payment for taxes in Tennessee for the fiscal year 2024 by April 16, 2025.

The Extension Deadline is October 15, 2025 to file your Tennessee Individual Income tax return.

Tennessee automatically grants 7 months extensions on filing corporation income tax returns with the filing of Form FAE 173, Application for Extension of Time to File Franchise and Excise Tax Return.

This is an extension to FILE, not an extension to PAY – payment is still due April 16, 2025.

Tennessee Individual Tax Deadlines for 2024

Individual Tax Deadline for Tennessee 2024

The State of Tennessee currently does not have an Individual Income Tax.

Estates Tax Deadline for Tennessee 2024

Tennessee Estate Tax filings are not required.


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