Real estate professional

Claim Real estate professional tax status and deduct your losses against ordinary income to maximize savings.

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Do you qualify as a Real estate professional?

Ensure every hour counts towards your Real estate professional status and every potential deduction is captured.
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Tailored tracking for Real estate professionals

Track and validate your involvement in real estate activities, ensuring you meet the 50% and 750-hour tests with precision, even when balancing multiple roles or investments.
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Elevate your real estate ventures

Analyze your real estate involvement to strategize your tax planning, ensuring you make the most of the Real estate professional benefits to ensure your passive loss deductions become to favorable income classifications.
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Transcend the traditional boundaries of real estate investing

Whether you're dealing with your status as a Real estate professional or navigating the material participation tests for your real estate activities, Instead has you covered.
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Claim Real estate professional with confidence.

Our system ensures all your real estate activities, from development to brokerage, are meticulously documented, making your tax filing seamless and compliant.
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